Lifeworks Patents

The following Lifeworks Technology Group, LLC. products are protected by patents in the U.S. and elsewhere. This website is provided to satisfy the virtual patent marking provisions of Section 16 of the America Invents Act and to further serve as notice under 35 U.S.C. §287(a). The following list of Lifeworks products may not be all-inclusive, and other Lifeworks products not listed here may be protected by one or more patents.

Products Protected by U.S Patent: USD856663

IH-7P152B, IH-7P152RG, IH-FR-7P152B, 4RBRN0137B1L2, AV-7P152B, IH11P152B-WM

Products Protected by U.S Patent: USD918841

2IHAC0772W0L2, 2IHAC0773B0L2, 2IHAC0773J0L2, 2IHAC0773P0L2, BRCT8000W-JP, IH-CT644E, IH-CT644N, IH-CT644P, IH-CT644U, IH-CT644W, IH, CT644W-P2, IH-W-CT644W, IHCT644E-AZ, IHCT644N-AZ, IHCT644P-AZ, IHCT644U-AZ, IHCT761W-AZ

Products Protected by U.S Patent: USD808788

IH-CO100B, IH-CO100C, IH-CO100G, IH-CO100L, IH-CO100NPE, IH-CO100R, IH-CO100W, IH-CO130B, IH-CO130G, IH-CO130L, IH-CO130R, MT-BL-CO130B, MT-BL-CO130W, UT-BL-CO130B, UT-BL-CO130G, UT-BL-CO130L, UT-CO130B, UT-CO130G, UT-CO130L, UT-CO130R

Products Protected by U.S Patent: USD824332

IH-CT1053B, IH-CT1053N, IH-CT1053P, IH-CT1053R, IH-CT1053U, IH-CT1053W, IH-CT2053B, IH-CT2053W, IH-CT2553B, IH-CT2553W, 2IHCC0597B6BL, 2IHCC0597F6BL, 2IHCC0597H6BL, 2IHCC0597Q6BL, 2IHLC0595B6BL, 2IHLC0595F6BL, 2IHLC0595H6BL, 2IHLC0595Q6BL, 2IHMC0596B6BL,,, 2IHMC0596F6BL, 2IHMC0596H6BL, 2IHMC0596Q6BL, FM-CT1030B, FM-CT1030L, FM-CT1031B, FM-CT1031D, FM-CT1031E, FM-CT1031P, FM-CT3030B,\,, FM-CT3030L, FM-CT3031B, FM-CT3031D, FM-CT3031E, FM-CT3031P, IH-BL-CT1074B, IH-BL-CT1074G, IH-BL-CT1074L, IH-BL-CT1074P, IH-BL-CT1074PAE, IH-BL-CT1074PAP, IH-BL-CT1074PP, IH-BL-CT1074U, IH-BL-CT2056WE, IH-BL-CT2056WG, IH-BL-CT2056WP, IH-BL-CT2074B, IH-BL-CT2074G, IH-BL-CT2074L, IH-BL-CT2074P, IH-BL-CT2074PAE, IH-BL-CT2074PAP, IH-BL-CT2074PP, IH-BL-CT2074U, IH-BL-CT2574WE, IH-BL-CT2574WP, IH-BL-CT2574WPAU, IH-BL-CT3056WE, IH-BL-CT3056WG, IH-BL-CT3056WP, IH-BL-CT3074B, IH-BL-CT3074G, IH-BL-CT3074P, IH-BL-CT3074PAE, IH-CT1001B, IH-CT1001W, IH-CT1056B, IH-CT1056B-AA, IH-CT1056N, IH-CT1056P, IH-CT1056W, IH-CT1056WE, IH-CT1056WG, IH-CT1056WN, IH-CT1056WP, IH-CT1058B, IH-CT1058B-AA, IH-CT1058N, IH-CT1058P, IH-CT1058W, IH-CT1072E, IH-CT1072J, IH-CT1072P, IH-CT1072Y, IH-CT1073-AST, IH-CT1073B-P2, IH-CT1073E, IH-CT1073E-P2, IH-CT1073J, IH-CT1073L, IH-CT1073N, IH-CT1073N-P2, IH-CT1073P, IH-CT1073P-P2, IH-CT1073PAE, IH-CT1073PAN, IH-CT1073PAP, IH-CT1073PAU, IH-CT1073PC, IH-CT1073R, IH-CT1073U, IH-CT1073U-P2, IH-CT1076P, IH-CT1076PAN, IH-CT1076PAU, IH-CT1142W, IH-CT1300W, IH-CT1301B, IH-CT1302W, IH-CT2001B, IH-CT2001W, IH-CT2056B, IH-CT2056B-AA, IH-CT2056N, IH-CT2056P, IH-CT2056W, IH-CT2058B, IH-CT2058B-AA, IH-CT2058W, IH-CT2072P, IH-CT2072Y, IH-CT2073-AST, IH-CT2073B-P2, IH-CT2073E, IH-CT2073E-P2, IH-CT2073J, IH-CT2073L, IH-CT2073N, IH-CT2073N-P2, IH-CT2073P, IH-CT2073P-P2, IH-CT2073PAE, IH-CT2073PAN, IH-CT2073PAP, IH-CT2073PAU, IH-CT2073PC, IH-CT2073R, IH-CT2073U, IH-CT2073U-P2, IH-CT2556B, IH-CT2556B-AA, IH-CT2556N, IH-CT2556W, IH-CT2558B, IH-CT2558W, IH-CT3073B-P2, IH-CT3073E, IH-CT3073E-P2, IH-CT3073J, IH-CT3073L, IH-CT3073N, IH-CT3073N-P2, IH-CT3073P, IH-CT3073PAE, IH-CT3073PAN, IH-CT3073PAP, IH-CT3073PAU, IH-CT3073PC, IH-CT3073R, IH-CT3073U, IH-CT3073U-P2, IH-CT3200B, IH-CT3200W, IH-CT3204B, IH-CT3204W, IHCT1010E-BL, IHCT1010N-BL, IHCT1010R-BL, IHCT1056W-NR, IHCT1058W-PT, IHCT1076J-PT, IHCT1076L-PT, IHCT1076P-PT, IHCT1076PAE-PT, IHCT1076PAN-PT, IHCT1076PAP-PT, IHCT1076PAU-PT, IHCT1076PAY-PT, IHCT1076R-PT, IHCT1076RU-PT, IHCT2010E-BL, IHCT2010N-BL, IHCT2010R-BL, IHCT2056B-PT, IHCT2056W-PT, IHCT3010E-BL, IHCT3010N-BL, IHCT3010R-BL

Working across borders.

With offices located around the world, our diverse team enables us to solve problems with innovation, expertise, and perspective not found anywhere else.