to life.

Thanks to our expertise in every step of the product life cycle, the world’s greatest retailers, brands, and personalities consider Lifeworks the innovation factory that turns dreams into realities.

End-to-end product solutions.

We reimagined the traditional process of creating products people love. Over an award-winning decade, we built a globally recognized company that takes concepts from idea to mass market and executes every step in the process.



We’re always on the lookout for new ideas, which is why we put thousands of hours into research and development to learn what people want and need.

When a great idea hits, we extensively analyze everything required to bring it to market, from engineering to distribution.



Design is a creative process that involves the art of problem-solving. When done right, it can completely change the way we live our lives.

We listen to customers, use their feedback to guide our decisions, and build products that move the world forward.



At Lifeworks, we’ve created proprietary, brilliantly simple management systems for very complex operations.

Expertly managing the flow of things is part of what makes us successful at bringing a product to market in record time.



Merchandising is the art and science of selling-through products. It is everything from designing their display to strategically placing them in the store.

Our team is experts in the psychology of space, color, and presentation and consistently crafts strategic solutions that drive sales.



The best sales teams create win-win scenarios. Thanks to our range of skills and knowledge in the entire product lifecycle, we understand what businesses need to increase profits.

We pay close attention to details in all of our contracts to make sure we increase profits for our buyers, which is why we have exceptionally successful relationships with the most prestigious retailers in the world.



A product is only as good as how quickly it can reach a large number of customers.

Because we control our supply chain infrastructure, we can deliver products quickly and reliably to thousands of retail outlets worldwide.